Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Accounting is one of the vital most processes, used for running a business, effectively and efficiently. Our accounting services encompass all the stages of the accounting process, and aid in the decision-making process, with the help of the financial data. Our bookkeeping services can always reduce the stress of in-house handling of the accounting and bookkeeping services.

There is no need for hiring a new bookkeeper, as the bookkeeping services take care of all the bookkeeping requirements. There is a considerable amount of cost reduction, and time savings by these outsourced services. The services rendered by the affordable and certified accounting and bookkeeping experts, enable you to undertake expeditious decisions.

Tasks performed under our Accounting and Bookkeeping services:

  • Processing the Payroll
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Auditing current bookkeeping processes
  • Providing administrative services
  • Tracking the General Ledger
  • Weekly and monthly Financial Statments and Reports
  • Compiling and reviewing the financial statements
  • Integrating QuickBooks®, Excel and third-party software
  • Preparing reports on state and federal payroll taxes
  • Reconciling the bank and credit card statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Monthly closure
  • Sales tax return

Time Tracking

You can rely on our certified experts, so that we take out all the time-consuming tasks, such as accounts payable, payroll and credit card reconciliations, so that you can concentrate more on attaining newer businesses. You are in good hands.

Our Bookkeeping & Accounting Service Plans:

Accounting and Bookkeeping Plans
Bookkeeper Accountant Certified Accountant (CPA)
$50/hr $70/hr $85/hr
Bookkeeping tasks Bookkeeping tasks Bookkeeping tasks
Transaction Entry Accounting Accounting
Reconciliation Setting Up Accounts Control Setup for Audit and Internal
Payroll Setup Filing State Tax
Preparation of Financial Statement Filing the Federal Tax

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