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Our Payroll Services

Our payroll services follow all the necessary tax regulations and company governance. Your payroll can be well-adjusted if the services are automated. Because of this tight automation process, human mistakes are minimal, which is crucial for the smooth functioning of any business. Hence, payroll services are vital for your business and lead to improved productivity. Our team of experts makes sure to provide you with a wide variety of solutions for your problems.

25+ Accounting Experts

Our crew comprises more than 25 verified specialists who hold expertise in each accounting service we offer to our clients.

45+ Services Offered

ASquareanb offers a wide range of facilities starting from the top to the toe of accounting and bookkeeping.

24/7 Service Support

With our clients expanding worldwide with different time zones, we are available for on-call assistance round the clock.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Services

Payroll is one of the crucial but less glamorous of all business functions. The complexity of today's payroll system needs a highly integrated payroll solution that is robust as well as scalable. The Payroll Services can reduce, to a considerable extent, the woes of making payments as well as updation of the Tax tables. The Payroll services can be hugely beneficial in cost savings to a large extent. Our clients need an outsourced Payroll Services Provider, as they do not have the necessary expertise in payroll processing.

So, businesses, irrespective of their sizes, opt for specialized professional payroll service providers, as it enables them to focus much more on core functional areas and gives them much-needed peace of mind.

Spend your time better

Your time is better spent while working on other demanding areas of your business. You need to spend more time on the strategies that will eventually shape the future of the business, paychecks to the IRS and your employees through a good payroll service provider like us, and take off the weight from your shoulders. Hence, our team resolves errors for any accounting software. Along with payroll services, we provide cloud bookkeeping services, data conversion, and more.

Features of our Payroll Service include:

  • Services provided by US-based payroll experts
  • Strong cost control and risk management
  • Services are accessible from any location and anytime
  • Elimination of employer liability
  • Speed, accuracy, and reliability
  • Complete security and confidentiality
  • Prompt and accurate electronic tax liability filing
  • Access to a rich seam of information
  • Keeping up-to-date with ever-changing legislation
  • On-time delivery
  • Keeping records of bank and credit card transactions
  • Accuracy of paychecks and payroll
  • Cash Management and Planning the Finances

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We provide all the services for your payroll administration with solutions from monthly pay to full and final settlement. We provide 24/7 assistance for all our services that can help you resolve any errors. This also includes any major upgradation required to any of the payroll services.


Data is everything in today's world. We understand the responsibility of data security. All payroll service standards are met, and our clients have continuously hailed us for our strong work ethics. We believe in effective communication at every step. Hence, unauthorized means can never access your data with our robust data security services.


To provide you with the automated payroll service that you desire, we make use of the latest technology. Our payroll management services are far superior and more efficient, helping you take one step closer to success. All this leads to error-free accounting work, boosting workplace efficiency vastly.


Our payroll outsourcing services are delivered across multiple industries. E-commerce, telecom, and entertainment are some of the sectors that we serve. We help you achieve the best results, and for that, our services are designed specifically for your business.

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ASquareanb offers various services per our clientele needs as we start by discussing what suits them better. Let us begin the conversation by knowing your requirements.

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